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We carry a wide selection of monuments, headstones, memorials, bronze plaques and much more. Did we mention that we specialize in customization? 

Monuments & Headstones & Oakland, NJ

Oakland Monuments offers the finest craftsmanship and artistry to the local community of New Jersey. Our full-service in-house company is committed to providing a personalized touch in service by involving customers in the creative process to design a memorial that embodies the life and legacy of cherished family members and friends.

Our team guides families through every step in developing a lasting tribute for loved ones. We employ experienced artisans who take pride in our tradition of creating an eternal commemoration of love and remembrance.

Types of Monuments We Offer

Every person’s life should be commemorated by something unique and personal. Our team will assist families in creating a tribute that reverently honors a life well lived.

We provide a beautiful array of products and services ranging from designing civic monuments, bronze plaques, headstones, and mausoleums in varying styles and materials. Our team works closely with our customers to produce a tribute that tells the story of their loved one’s life and ensures their legacy is documented for years to come.

Custom Memorials in Oakland, NJ

Our team designs in-house custom markers for all faiths and denominations in the New Jersey area. We specialize in working with customers to create personalized memorials that embody the spirit of any place, person or event. We fully customize commemorations for local cemeteries, municipalities, pets, civic causes, and special projects that include military and corporate events.

A civic monument is a visible expression of respect that can be shared throughout a community. It pays tribute to the past while educating and influencing future generations. Our company’s gifted design team produces beautiful civic memorials that enrich the area around it. We value helping New Jersey pay homage to historic sites & local heroes that shaped the community.

After losing a pet, creating a personalized pet marker is a beautiful way to remember a loyal companion. We can design a lovely remembrance to mark a meaningful location in your yard or home. Pet markers are a perfect way to remember the time spent with a furry family friend and can be offered as a supportive gift of condolence.

Types of Plaques Made Out of Bronze

An elegant bronze plaque is a perfect way to pay tribute to the life of a loved one. Our skillfully crafted plaques are designed for burial plots, mausoleums, civic monuments as well as community and business events.

When a dear family member or friend passes, a plaque can serve as an eternal symbol of remembrance and respect. Our caring staff works with families to design distinct markers that celebrate and honor a wonderful life.

Fully-Customizable Bronze Plaques by Size, Shape and Color

We offer a vast array of in-house custom-crafted products. Our talented artisans will design a bronze plaque that is fully customizable to any size, shape or color that our customers desire.

We use premium quality bronze material combined with superb workmanship to create classic plaques that range from the popular yet economical flush or flat plaque to the elegant and regal standing upright headstone. Whether customers prefer a ledge, bevel or slant marker, our experienced team will assist in selecting a classic design to tell an individual story.

Bronze Plaque Refinishing & Restoration Services

Bronze plaques can serve as classic tributes that provide inspiration for generations, yet their finish can deteriorate due to time and exposure to natural elements. However, we can restore the look of an older plaque through our industrial refinishing and restoration service.

After the old finish is removed, our customers receive a fully restored plaque with a brand new appearance. Our outstanding craftsmen can assist with preserving the aesthetic charm of both private and public memorials. For customers who wish to restore the look of a revered family plaque, our cost-effective restoration service is the perfect solution.

Our Past Work

Areas We Cover in Oakland, NJ

Mausoleum Design & Building Services in Oakland, NJ

Our team of experienced professionals value collaborating with customers in designing a mausoleum that provides a peaceful environment for quiet reflection. We offer a variety of color options and the finest materials to make this very intimate space timeless and beautiful. We are committed to making this private area serve as an inner sanctum where the lives of loved ones can be honored throughout the years.

Selecting the quintessential memorial begins by telling the story of a loved one. We invite you to contact our friendly team of caring professionals to start that process.

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